Equestrian and agricultural learning opportunities are here for you, your family, and friends.          

We welcome one, we welcome all! 

Foothills Farm is located right in the middle of the community Marble Hill, Georgia lately becoming known as the “Foothills at Big Canoe”. We are super easy to find at the crossroads of GA Hwy 53 & Steve Tate Hwy. Our entrance is 320 Steve Tate Hwy, just a skip from the intersection. We will be your first right turn.

Once you come under our gate, heading down the drive to the barn, you will see quite a different world than the one you just left behind for a minute! Off the fast track and into the farm setting, the land unfolds and beholds nature at its best …with horses on it! We have a very nice ambiance, as there are nice views of the lower Appalachian Mountain Foothills and then, nature.

Jolly ’round a bit on the web site and then contact us for further information!

 ~Wolfscratcha special gathering place! We are fortunate to be ‘working the land’ here as did our predecessors! The farming history and livery traditions run deep. Prior to that, “Wolfscratch” is the name given by the Cherokee to this region. It is known that the Cherokee Tribes, as well as others gathered and held meetings here. Foothills Farm strives to honor the traditions of those who walked here previously. What a blessing! We honor our heritage and cordially extend an invitation for you to come by and meet us! If you pass by and the gate is open, consider that your invitation to the barn! Come on in!



 ~Foothills Farm, striving to great heights in horsemanship, with joy!

just a side note: of all the farms for sale in Georgia, this one it tops!!! have a look  javascript:var%20e=document.createElement(‘script’);e.setAttribute(‘type’,’text/javascript’);if(document.location.protocol==’https:’){e.setAttribute(‘src’,’https://ws.sharethis.com/button/toolbar’);}else{e.setAttribute(‘src’,’http://wd.sharethis.com/button/toolbar’);};document.body.appendChild(e);void(0);

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    Just LOOK AT THE LOCATION OF THIS PROPERTY!  500Ft  ROAD FRONTAGE on GA Hwy53 & Steve Tate Road! The farm entrance is 1 mile south of the Big Canoe main gate. I’m... READ MORE

Spring Work Session!

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    I intend to create a communal garden for the farm and co-workers. I am coordinating with interested persons who may like to give input on the front end of this project!... READ MORE