Equestrian & Agricultural Learning Opportunities here! 

Foothills Farm is a semi-public facility which has a horse training/boarding facility operating currently. In addition to his existing business, I have set my goal for the farm to build it into a designed agriculture community. There is much work to be done in order to attain this vision and make it a reality.

We are located right in the middle of historic Marble Hill between Dawsonville and Jasper Georgia. Over time, this area has become known as the “Foothills at Big Canoe.” When you drive into the farm, you will see quite a different world than the one you just left behind! Off today’s fast track and into a historical farm setting. The land unfolds and you behold agricultural heritage at its best! We are surrounded by lovely views of Potts Mountain and the serene, beautiful 1400 acres of Big Canoe’s undeveloped property, Potts Mountain, LLC. Enjoy the fresh air, the rolling hills, woods, and of course the horses!

There is much more commerce that can be done here within our boundaries of being a horse farm. I am working diligently to bring in an investor who can assist me in growing an agritourism business and making this a destination point for the many who now simply pass us by. For more detail and information on these specifics go to our blog section here on the website.


~A Special Gathering Place 

*Prior to colonization “Wolfscratch” is the name given to this region by the Cherokee. Their history tells us that the Cherokee Nation met here for meetings. We at Foothills Farm strive to honor the traditions of those who walked before us. We are fortunate to be ‘working the land’ here as did our predecessors! Rich history surrounds us in these rolling hills. Farming history and livery traditions run deep.

In honoring this heritage we cordially extend an invitation for you to come by and meet us! My contact information is below to.schedule a trip out for a visit today!

Happy trails,

Marla Cooley


Foothills Farm …  striving to great heights in horsemanship with joy

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